Sunday, November 30, 2014


So I sacrificed a weekend in Pediatric posting and went for HFM (Health For Malaysia) 7 in KulaiJaya, Johor. It's definitely stressful, plus the long journey and tiredness. Nevertheless, everything is worth it when people just came forward and say thank you for coming from so far and give you a pat on the back.
Just feeling puzzled that some of us are still, not showing a little bit of professionalism for a doctor-to-be. Punctuality especially, is totally disregarded. Nobody is trying to change the fact that Malaysians are always late. But as future doctors, aren't we suppose to be on time? Just hope that someone will get this instead of procrastinating and waiting for each other to be late.

While on the way back to hukm, the bus stopped at RnR Ayer Keroh and I went down to move my limbs. So I sat on the chair and out of a sudden I heard a loud sigh and someone was sititng opposite me. It's an Indian Janitor, who looked so tired but still smiling, and said,

 "amoi I duduk kejap boleh..penat nih.."

She immediately reminds me of my mom, and my heart winced.

"boleh, boleh, duduk duduk"

So we started talking and she said,

"kadang kadang I tanya orang, dia tak nak cakap dengan I ni.. I kerja sapu sapu aje..bukan menipu atau mencuri pun....

And I felt sorry for her. Everyone is equal. Never look down on someone even a janitor because you can learn so much from them. You'll never know what will you gain by just greeting them, or just give them a smile.

After chatting for a while and she found out that I am a medical student, her face lighten up and she looked at me with pride. I ain't saint, which makes me feel awkward for being look up like this.

"Belajar baik baik..jadi doktor bagus ni...bagus...Selamat jalan ye dik"

Thank you for your kind words. That's definitely a booster to keep me moving.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The little thing.

"I will apply for research project during summer holiday then."

"Huh. Why?"

"Then I will be in KL when you are posted in O&G."

Thank you :')

Monday, February 24, 2014

Breaking point.

I am writing this because I really don't know who else I can vent to or what else I can do. It feels like I am having time bombs inside my body, exploding again and again.

You will never understand the feeling of failure unless you experienced it. It feels so easy when you are consoling someone who failed. "You will pass" "God is playing with you" "These are the challenges for you to be a better doctor".

 And yes, this year, where we were thrown into a sea of nowhere, I experienced this. Terrible, is the only word I can think of. It never stop haunting you again and again. I start doubting myself, am I going to be a doctor?  Or perhaps my stress management is so poor that I couldn't handle it any more. I sobs whenever I got emotional and wince whenever i saw the word "O&G". Yes, to that extent.

Internal medicine ain't an easy posting to go through. It is everything you had studied for the past 2 years, including your basic sciences. And 30 minutes ago, I was reading book full of words and I got this sudden attack of breathlessness, I couldn't continue any more. It feels like something is strangling you, even deep breathing won't help. This is terrible.  

This is a final warning to myself, to start focusing and stop the negative thinking.


Friday, December 27, 2013

Finale of 2013.

Guess I won't have any mood to write until my finals is over so.. new year resolution first? lol

Mom and dad came to Cheras today. Because I keep bugging them that I will go PJ after class and have him to fetch me after that. I don't know why I need to see them so much right now. Wrong profession chosen eh? Looking at the uncles and aunties came to the clinic without their kids accompanying make me feel so bad. I am not with my parents as well isn't it. Really feel jelly with those who are by their parents' side everyday. How lucky =/ year resolution:
1) Spend more time with them.
2) Be a good girl (as in stop emo-ing that much) and medical student.

Till then.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The "N"s in my life

If there is an epic Prof. N in O&G department, in surgery, we have a legendary Dr. N.
I feel the same whenever they are in front of me, that special aura that makes my muscles tensed up and brain function to slow down. 

Clinic #1: 

"Neoh, examine the neck swelling of this patient."

After all the palpation and percussion .....

"What are your differentials?"


"erm, goiter?" *took a quick glance at her face. 

Face changes noted. Not a good answer. 

"That is a SIGN. Now give me DIAGNOSIS" 

I just stared blankly at the table and pretending I was trying hard to think while my brain is actually...empty. 

And I forgot what happened next.

Not even the simplest thyroglossal cyst I can say it out loud. Feel like smacking myself after that. 

Clinic #2:

"Neoh, clerk this patient." 

FYI she doesn't want us to clerk beforehand. She usually did it on the spot. Like this.

After booming the patient with all the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism, I turned and look at her..

"Not enough."

Think nhl thinkkkk.

ok deep breath in........"macam mana dengan period puan?"


oh that feels good.

Well most of the time I ended up like in the first situation. And it sometimes makes me feel so frustrated when I can't remember stuffs from pre clinical year.
Time to gear up and work harder. 

p/s: I am a "N" too! LOL  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I am not sure whether it's the sugar rush (after having roti plantar and kit kat) or the stimulations I got from OT (waited for an hour and observed a 5 mins procedure and didn't get my logbook signed) , I went freaking-ly insane today e.g. keep singing songs from frozen, talking non stop, forcing people to laugh and talk with me, and holding the cap from OT n swing it like no body business. And all I got is \(O.O)/ this look from everyone.

Well, I converted anger into insanity. Yay.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am lost.

It feels like you are in a big big sea holding onto a tiny tiny piece of oak. So this is how it feels like, clinical years. Study mood come back to me pleaseeeeeeee.

" You are studying to be a doctor, not to pass exams."

*breath innnnnnnnnnnnn.

Okay. Right. Doctor. I am actually going to be a doctor.

Self motivation is so important to keep yourself on the track. The right track. Ok self slap. *slap slap.

LOL enough craps. Soooooooooooo i went to watch FROZEN!!! Like finallyyyy. Been hearing people talking about how good how nice the movie is. Disney movie lehhhh.. So... even though it's study week he still come and watch with me *sobs. Ok la maybe I got a little bit too emo recently so he promise to watch with me andddddddddd this movie completely cheers me up!



Idina Menzel's voice is so crazy freaking good that I got goosebumps even the cinema is so hot. LOL. And Olaf is so cute! Laugh-til-cry that kinda funny. X)

Thank you Mr. A for always trying to keep me away from the emo line lollll.
Jia you for exam!